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    The Release Candidate

    The concept of the Release Candidate comes from the “techie” world of software development. A Release Candidate is a "sneak preview" of the final product with the added advantage that improvements may still be done before the final product is released. Our Release Candidate program is founded on three major principles.

    1) 80% Nutrition, 20% Fitness, and 100% Mindset.
    2) Progress not Perfection, and
    3) Enjoy the Journey…Embrace the Struggle…Trust the Process


    Our mission, is to redefine the standard of beauty and physical strength; to boost self confidence, mental awareness, community, leadership, and LOVE.
    We want to bring epic results (from the inside out) to the everyday person and the WORLD!

    The Founders:

    Joe Goode and Elsie Bobo

    Elsie and Joe are a married couple dedicated to helping others. The two worked in corporate America for over 15 years; Joe, a personal trainer, probation officer, actor and model, and Elsie, a caterer, gym director, and office manager at a veterinary hospital. Despite their career successes, Joe and Elsie were not happy working the 9-5 grind and desperately wanted a change.


    In 2010, Elsie and Joe were blessed with the opportunity to compete on VH1 Wedding Wars to win a dream wedding.  At the time, Elsie's father was suffering from renal failure, making time and money very limited for Elsie and Joe's wedding. In an attempt to alleviate some of the financial burden, Joe applied for the show, they were chosen and flown out to Hawaii, they competed against 11 other couples in a survivor style competition, and they won the wedding of their dreams. Their families were flown out within a 24 hour period, and they were wed on the beach in Hawaii.

    When the Joe and Elsie returned back to normal life, they were in search for something more. A few months after Elsie's dad passed away, the two were introduced to free beach workouts for the community. It was through these fun and motivating workouts that the couple discovered a new direction for their lives. The new vision revolved around teaching people the formula to success: 20% Fitness, 80% Nutrition, and 100% Mindset.  Their desire to bring this concept back to family and friends in the Sacramento area was how the community of SacTown FitClub was born.

    With hundreds of people transforming their lives through workouts and nutrition, the two wanted to create a more in-depth approach to help people focus on changing their lives from the inside out. After competing on stage in men's physique and bikini competitions, Joe and Elsie discovered a whole new challenge for both the mind and body. By combining their successful system of fitness and nutrition at SacTown FitClub, with the mental discipline and commitment  from their competition show prep, The Release Candidate program was created.  For 12 weeks candidates learn to master the balance of fitness, nutrition and mindset before they step on stage in board shorts and bikinis to share their accomplishments with their family and friends. 

    Elsie and Joe continue to improve their everyday lives in order to help others do the same. They strongly believe, "If you focus on helping others the universe will reward you."

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