•  Battle of the Trainers Sacramento 

    Who Really is the Best Trainer in the Sacramento Area?

    $1000 Cash Prize ( Set to increase with more Trainers)

    Email us Now at BattleoftheTrainers@gmail.com 

    or contact us at 916-248-0948

    This Trailer will explain in some detail of the competition

    Remember, the winning Trainer and his 10 clients wins $1000 and Bragging rights as the best trainer in your town.  This is an awesome business builder and the trainer pays nothing!

  • In case you missed The Info Night... Here's a recap:


    Step 1: Watch this video
    Step 2: Fill out the application below
    Step 3: Finish the W.O.D. (Workout of Destiny) at SacTown FitClub
    Step 4: Complete the interview process
    Step 5: Attend the Orientation on March 5th
    Step 6: Tag and Share

  • INfo Night for the 12 Week Transformation Program is this

    Sunday, *February 19th at 4pm

    Come take a look and get all the details!

    Location: SacTown FitClub 2230 Arden Way ste E Sac, CA

    See You There!

  • The Release Candidate Program starts March 5th!!!


    Our Last Info Nights Will Be Sunday, February 19th at 4pm.


    Program Requirements:
    👉Complete RC WOD (workout of day)
    👉Complete Group and Individual Interview
    👉Attend one Info Night
    👉Attend Weekly RC Workouts, Mindset, Meditation and Posing
    👉3 Day Pre and Post Program "in-house" Retreat


    What's Included:
    Weekly customized meal plan
    Weekly group check-in
    Group Day Trip
    Private Program Results Show:
    -individual song and walk
    -1 min video clip
    -stage photo


    Program Cost:
    $275 a month (3 months, $825) or $750 flat fee
    $175 for spouse (same credit card)


    Make sure to SHARE, tag and Comment below if you are interested.

  • Veterans Questionnaire

    Click the link Below to Answer the Questions!

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