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21 Day Mindset Reboot is Insane!

We Projected 15 Candidates and Got 73!

The Mind is the Most Powerful Muscle
The concept of the 21 Day Mindset Reboot was to change the way people thought about themselves and to give them confidence in order to bring value to the world.  
Each person is destined to bring something to the table and deserves to live a happy, successful life and this program will hopefully allow people to see that. 
When we started the program, Elsie and I had envisioned about 15 people to apply for the program as we thought people were more interested in changing the physical instead of the mental. Boy were we wrong! Don't ASSUME! lol 
So we currently have 73 candidates in this short program, and we are already a week into the program. I have witnessed so many people come out of their shells and show off their inner beauty to the world. Candidates are also realizing their self-worth, the things that have been holding themselves back, and so much more. 
There are constantly post of how happy they are, who they are becoming, and all the things they learning from this program right onto their Facebook statuses! 
We have a few more workshops, a group hike and to top it all off a little retreat at the end of the program. 
The Release Candidate programs are in its baby stages, but it continues to grow and we are on a mission to help a lot of people.
Quoting from Ice Cube, "I gota say it was a Good Day."
Our 12 week Release Candidate Orientation is Wednesday July 29th at 7pm if you are interesting in finding out about our big shebang of a program. lol 
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