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21 Day Mindset Reboot Program

76 Individual Ready to Change their Lives

Our Mindset Program was a Success!
The focus is to grow and become a better person everyday. Well thats what I believe we should be doing, but most do not have the tools to grow. Even though we are adults, have jobs, maybe a family, or pay bills, those things don't technically make you an adult in my opinion. 
I have met and talked to numerous people and have come to the realization that their is something lacking with people. Its not a bad thing and I'm not trying to bash people in general, but a lot of people have traits such as fear, lack of confidence, communication issues, anger, bad energy, and avoidance. These are things that children usually have and we are suppose to overcome them as we get older, but for a lot of people it does not.
So my wife Elsie and I do really well with our fitness and nutrition clients but we realized that it was also important to help others in their mental journey. So we decided to start this program call the 21 Day Mindset Reboot. 
We figured we would have about 15 people in this program as it was brand spanking new, and we thought people would fear working on themselves. 

On Orientation day, we set out 20 chairs, and as we opened the door those chairs were soon filled up and we had to add more.  As the room filled up, we had to count the number of people and saw that their were 76 people for this program! 
I had to take a step back and really just take it all in. So we gave everyone the run down of the program and everyone decided to do it.  Hey its 21 days so what did they have to lose.
Throughout this process, they had to post videos on Facebook of themselves, make new friends, went on hikes, did different challenges and gave them daily techniques to better themselves.
We finished it all off with a weekend retreat of camping in Little Basin out by Santa Cruz with 52 individuals that could make it out. We pitched out tents, made our fire, set up our food, and began our different activities for the weekend.
From Hiking, to cooking, to analyzing ourselves, sharing and meditating, I must say that it was an awesome weekend. I saw individuals really come out of their shells and start to enjoy life. 
After the program was finished, we knew that this program was needed for the world and that we were doing something right. I seriously cannot wait for the next 21 Day Mindset Reboot.
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