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4 Agreements Skits

Live By the 4 Agreements

So we gave everyone a quick little summary on what we live by which is the Four Agreement to our 21 day mindset workshop group. 
1. Be Impeccable with your Word
2. Don't Take things personally
3. Don't Make Assumptions
4. Do your Best.
I truly have lived by these 4 things daily and it has truly changed my life. Each breaks down scenarios such as when your hating on someone, talking trash, not living by your word, assuming situations and being lazy.  I really do love living by these 4 agreements
Once they understood each of the agreements, they then chose which agreement they related the most with. We then put them on the spot, paired them off in groups, and made them do skits that related to the 4 agreements.
I must say that it was really magical and powerful watching these individuals go on stage and getting uncomfortable without any hesitation. 
Not only did they learn about the 4 agreements but they also step out of their comfort zones and acted in from of 50 people!  
Self Confidence is one of the biggest things holding individuals back. When you lack self confidence then the voice in the back of your head comes about creating fear into the mind, body and heart, but these individuals didn't have time to think or react. Each person had to say F-IT and just do it. 
Great workshop with some awesome people.
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