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5 Reasons why we quit on our Fitness

We get get our Results and we quit. Why is that?

As humans, I believe that we are natural quitters. A lot of that has to do with the Fight or Flight trigger thats in our brains. When things get tough or when we get tempted, we then have to make a decision. 

Throughout our lives, the world has given us information overload with TV, Internet, our phones and whatever else our eyes can see and our ears can listen to. So our brains can't commute nor make a decision. We usually find ourselves saying, "I don't know" or "I don't care" which is a Flight or quitting trigger. 

So in this article I will be specifically talking about reasons why we quit on our fitness related goals, but also note that each of these things can relate to other aspects of our lives.

Reasons for you

1. We are lazy!

Ok so I'm sort of being lazy by just saying one of the reasons why is that humans are lazy. 

Humans are lazy because there are so many things in this world that can distract us from focusing on our goals.  

Have you ever said, "Im going to check on my Instagram or SnapChat for a minute" then when you look at the clock, you noticed that 30minutes had already past.

That 30minutes could have been used to meal prep, calculate your macros, implement an ab routine, go for a jog but we waste that time because we are looking for an outlet to decompress. 

My advice is to time block your day appropriately especially your food for the day and your workout routine.

2. Not Setting our Goals

Goal setting are one the keys to success. When we can visualize what we want, then our minds try to figure how to get it.

Let's say that you want to lose 15lbs. So how would you be able to do that?

First, you know that you have to eat better. So maybe eat out less. Cut out drinking until you reach your goal. Also you might implement some cardio to create a calorie deficit. 

These are all steps to reaching your goals. I would suggest writing out your goals for the day, the week, the month and the year.  Try to look at them daily.

3. Set a Deadline for your Goals

So lets go back to the example of wanting to lose 15lbs.  Ask yourself, how long would this take? How long would I want it to take? 

Not having a deadline allows our brains to push our goals back.

Since summer is just around the corner and there probably will be some pool parties that I want to attend, maybe a goal of losing 15lbs in 4 weeks would be reasonable. So 4 weeks from todays date would be June 23rd. 

That would mean that I have to get moving to reach that goal. Deadlines give you that extra push to achieve your goals.

4. There is no Routine

Routines are key to success. 

Our Brains naturally work with consistent routines, but so do our bodies. Remember that you didn't get fat over night. It took consistent time, consistent eating, and consistent laziness.

So you need a routine each day in prepping your food either the day before or the morning of. 

You need a routine of working out whether its going for a jog, doing a home workout, taking a class at the gym or even taking the dogs on a walk.  

Their needs to be a consistent workout routine everyday so your body knows that you are trying to make a change.  Its also good for you.

You must also start a routine in the mornings. Wakeup when your alarm goes off, make your coffee, read and do some jumping jacks. 

There is also an awesome app that has been waking me up in the mornings with No Snooze buttons that you might want to implement called

This app has seriously changed up my mornings. It allows you to create a morning routine with brain and physical activities.

 Starting your day off right will change the structure of your future results.

5. Stop Saying and Just Do

Stop saying that you will start tomorrow!

Tomorrow is a trap for your brain that will put you in a funk and you will usually never get out of.

If your thinking about losing weight, going to workout, or eating better then make the choice that moment when you say and think about it, and do it right then.

If you say that you want to start working out, then do some pushups or jumping jacks right where you are.

if your at a restaurant and you say that you need to lose weight then make a healthier, cleaner choice.

It all boils down to you having the choice to when you can accomplish what you say.

Each moment you let pass, is a moment you will never get back. Time is the most valuable thing that you have. So if a thought comes about and you actually say that you need to do something, then do it at that moment.

You never know when something crazy can happen and you won't have the opportunity to do what you say.

For instance, in the new movie XMEN.  Apocalypse has risen after thousands of years of hibernation and now wants to end the world.  This could happen to us. lol

So make most of your time here on earth, and reach both your fitness and life goals.

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