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Make This Life Your B****

Stop leaving your goals behind

Its a new year and most try to start to off with change and bringing a new you, but after a few days of the new year we tend to go back to our old ways.
So what gives???
Its because we need to have action plans and knowledge of strategies that will help us reach our future goals.
I for one do not want to be that person who looks back on life saying, “that I wish I would have done this and that.”
90% of people die having some sort of regret in life. They never married the right girl or they chose the wrong career. They didn't start that new business or even traveled the world.
Regret is a powerful concept that gets implanted into our brains and will never go away unless we achieve our goals.
So let me tell you a little story about how I grew up. I was born in Sacramento, CA to a Korean mother and an American father who was in the Air Force. He traveled often so I grew up speaking Korean first and then English second.
As I got older, it was apparent to the teachers that English was my second language. I had an accent, a lisp, I stuttered and because of these things I was self conscious and super shy.
I never raised my hand in class, I turned super red when called upon and I was uber short. I felt like all the cards were stacked against me at a wrong age.
So as life progressed, I never asked questions to my problems, I got scared and never tried anything, and experiences past me by. As every grade past, I had more and more regrets build up inside of me, and I absolutely hated it.
Before my senior year I decided enough was enough, and I wanted to stop letting life pass me by. I said “F-IT” So when a situation that I used to fear came about, I would say this word and press forward. From that point on my life has changed, and I experienced life in a whole new light. I started to talk to girls, partied hard, became a model, actor and fitness professional and married the woman of my dreams on TV!
I continue to live this life trying to do things and trying to not be afraid of the things ahead. The more things I do in this life tend to give me a sense of accomplishment and start to push away the regrets of my past.
Now I want you to remember the current goals that you set on January 1st. I want you to write them down. Put a set date on when you want to accomplish each goal, and then write the words “F-IT I got this, No Regrets!” at the top of the page. Post this page somewhere where you can see it daily and go for it.
As Gary Vaynerchuk would say Live each day to the fullest, and make this life your Bitch! 
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