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Phase2 of the Release Candidate Show was a Success!

Sunday, June 28th was one magical night for The Release Candidate program. We had 50 candidates step on stage showing off all the work they had accomplished over the last 10 weeks. 
We had men and women from the age of 21 all the way up to 50 years of age rock the stage in their bikini and board shorts. Some lost 15lbs while other lost 50lbs as each person had a different journey throughout this whole process. 
Its just incredible to see so many people's confidence grow from this program knowing that they might not have their ideal bodies just yet, but they were still able to step on stage in front of 400 people. 
I truly believe that confidence is one of the key ingredients to having success in this life, and being able to be confident with your body will lead to the mind being more confident.  
As we head into our 21 day Mindset Intensive Program which leads into the 12 week Release Candidate program, I cannot wait to see where these 50 individuals are headed with their results both physically and mentally. I am also excited to see on the New Candidates for the Program. 
If you are thinking about doing this program, but that voice in the back of your head is telling you to not do it, then you Need to adopt this motto of Saying "F-IT!" and just do it. 
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