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The Letter to Self Shoot 2015

Its all about Self Confidence

The lack of self confidence can derail a person's life from here to eternity. 
The reason I say this is because I know and I lived through it. I grew up scared to step up or ever say a word with the worry of saying the wrong thing or being scolded for speaking up. If I were in the 60's during the Civil Rights movements, I would not have been the one to step up or fight back.
I lived my life like that because of fear that I made up in my head. I never asked a girl out, I never raised my hand in class, I never stood up to bullies, and I really never did anything. 

As I entered into my senior year of high school, I said to myself that I was tired of being the scared Joe and I needed to step out of the box. So I develop the concept of F-IT. 
Anytime I was scared, I would say "F-IT" just do it and I would actually overcome my fear.  This helped me grow drastically. 
As years past, I utilized this concept in everything I did, and I am forever grateful for it, but I also started to notice that most people were like me and stuck in that mold. 
Fear, lack of confidence, people staring at them, self talk and anger. These were the feeling that overwhelmed me at one point in my life and its doing the same to others. 
So The Release Candidate was born with the idea to help others to overcome all that by becoming a stronger and better person both physically and mentally. 
We currently are in our 3rd Phase of this program where we have 100 candidates ready to change their lives and step on stage November 1st at the Crest Theater. 
But first, we are still working on their confidence which seems to be the biggest thing that these candidates want. So with all the challenges of meal prepping, working out, journaling, taking selfies and whatever else we pull out of the bag, we brought up a new challenge.
This was a challenge for them to write and record on video talking to their future self of how proud they were for enduring the 12 week journey.  
Given that most have never even recorded themselves or even done a photoshoot, we set it up for them and let them have at. 
Some were excited, others couldn't remember what they wrote, whiles broke down in tears and no words would come out. At the end, every candidate stepped up and overcame their fear and gave amazing videos for their future selves. 
For some like me, it could be easy to break down that wall with a simple phrase like "F-IT" but for others we have to chip away and help them develop each day.  I hope these next 12 weeks can really transform their lives. 
Lets get it!!!
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